Tess Technology
We work at the interface of Data-driven Marketing and Data Science.
Our specialization is data analysis to address business challenges (market analysis, insights for work with clients, customer behavior trends, etc.)
In our methodology we use both classical statistical methods of data analysis and modern analytical methods that allow us to understand who your customers are and how they live, where the market is heading and what will be in demand tomorrow.

How can we help?
Consulting, Data Aggregation, Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Training
Math modeling
Machine learning, predictive modeling, simulation modeling, advisory systems
Full analysis of the external and internal processes of the organization. Correct positioning and interaction with TA. We select tools. We help to introduce. We conduct the project together with the client.
Used methods of data analysis
Trees of classification
Principal component analysis and classification
Multidimensional scaling
Causal modeling
Time series analysis
Neural networks
Bayesian Analysis
RFMD Analysis
Product association model
Product chains analysis
Math modeling
Own methods of data analysis
Why Tess Technology

We conduct the project from the beginning of its discussion to the full implementation in the client's business.

We do not ask for an additional fee for each refinement of the data, if this does not entail overhead expenses.
100+ SUCCESSFUL CASES from small projects to companies of international level.
From FMCG and cosmetics to substance manufacturers in pharmacology.
Stable international team - 20+ people

More than 10 years on the market.

24/7 Support.
Industry specialization
Pharmaceuticals / Medicine
Financial services / insurance
Food industry
Education / Science
Political Marketing
Below are some cases that we can share with you and tell you about the stages of implementation.
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